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Oct 21




Tarboush Mediterranean Grill

Tarboush_chicken shawarmaA brand new Mediterranean restaurant recently opened up in the heart of Wicker park. Tarboush Mediterranean Grill, which sits at the busy intersection of North and Ashland, is a new player on the halal scene in Chicago. With a large menu of standard Mediterranean dishes, two halal meat options, several vegan and vegetarian items, and an assortment of desserts, Tarboush gave us a great first impression when we stopped by this past weekend.The two halal options Tarboush offers are chicken and kafta (ground beef and lamb mixed with spices). I ordered the chicken shawarma plate which comes with basmati or dill rice, a house salad, and grilled pita. If you’re feeling particularly healthy, you can choose to substitute the rice for quinoa for an extra dollar. A nice touch! The meal also comes with a house-made garlic dipping sauce, which paired very well with the feta french fries I got on the side.

The feta fries, very worthy of mentioning, were outstanding. I would come to Tarboush specifically to order them. They were perfectly crispy, arrived hot and tasted freshly made. The fries by themselves would have been noteworthy, but combined with the crumbled feta cheese, they were a home run.

The falafel, which you can order for $.50 a piece, were also delicious. They were very moist on the inside and had a nice blend of spices, adding a slightly zesty flavor. The side salad that came with my meal was also very good, everything tasted fresh and I enjoyed the lemony dressing and chopped red and yellow bell peppers mixed in.Tarboush_feta friesTarboush’s menu is fairly extensive. In addition to their standard hummus, which had a great homemade taste to it, they also offer red-pepper hummus and feta hummus in addition to the standard list of Mediterranean appetizers such as baba ghanouj, dolma, tabbouleh salad, Jerusalem salad, lentil soup, etc.

I was impressed by the grilled salmon and shrimp offerings on the menu; in addition to the chicken, beef, and lamb entrees. The good news is, if you can’t decide what you want, Tarboush offers a sampler platter with an assortment of meat. They also have several vegetarian options on the menu.

Besides the food, I also really enjoyed the atmosphere inside of Tarboush. The restaurant’s modern decor, with digital menus on display, wooden paneling, exposed brick, and bright artwork and lighting fixtures, give the interior a “come in and stay awhile” kind of vibe. With the high amount of foot traffic I witnessed while there, Tarboush is obviously a welcome addition to the neighborhood. It’s a good, casual spot to come and get a healthy meal — if you don’t give in to the lure of the feta fries — and the tiramisu, in my case. Totally worth it, though!

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Oct 06




Taxim Impresses with Diverse Greek Cuisine

As the halal industry increasingly expands around the world, it has also grown dramatically within the U.S., especially in more recent years.

This is an exciting and important development for many Muslims, as well as for those who prefer higher-quality meat, because halal-friendly cuisine has become much more readily available in ways it wasn’t in the past. In addition to being carried at major grocery-store chains, a large variety of restaurants now serve halal meat besides the typical Middle Eastern fare. Taxim, located in the heart of Wicker Park on Milwaukee Avenue near six corners, is a contemporary Greek restaurant that offers a partial halal menu, and does so with adventurous options, delicious tasting food and an authentic Mediterranean ambiance.

Some of the Halal Festival team recently dined at Taxim–feasted might be a more accurate description, actually. We indulged in a large sampling of the menu, learned more about the restaurant’s history, and experienced what felt like an exotic, mini Greek vacation in Chicago.

Before sitting down at one of the restaurant’s copper-top tables, the decor immediately grabs your attention. With stunning Byzantine-style light fixtures, wooden benches filled with ornate velvety-red pillows, exposed brick walls, copper accents hung throughout, low lighting and traditional Greek music playing; the warm atmosphere invites you to sit down and stay awhile.

The menu, while initially intimidating, is offset by the friendly staff who are more than happy to offer suggestions and clarify any questions you might have. We started with a variety of tapas-style dishes, of which there are many to choose from. The Marathópita Krítis, our first plate, which is described as a Cretan pastry with fennel, spring onions, sesame and goat yogurt was unique and flavorful. Our second small plate, the Kebáp yiaourtloú, was made up of wood-grilled lamb shoulder with a house-made yogurt and pomegranate reduction paired with grilled tomatoes. This was a group favorite, the lamb was extremely juicy, with a ton of semi-spicy flavor that hits you right away. The yogurt and pomegranate reduction were a perfect complement to the meat and the sweet, grilled, baby tomatoes that melted in your mouth.

Taxim_prassopitaMy personal favorite, the Prassópita, was the third plate that we shared and is an absolute must-try, in my opinion. This has a house-made phyllo pastry crust and is stuffed with feta cheese, leeks, fresh dill and lemon. I could have eaten several more of these. The perfectly crispy phyllo and the warm feta cheese was nothing short of amazing. We “split” the Prassópita, but really, I ate almost the entire thing by myself because it was that delicious.

Another outstanding item on the menu is the fried squash, similar in presentation to that of a falafel, except with pureed squash instead of chick peas. This was another table favorite, and left us craving more after we devoured them with the help of a flavorful yogurt sauce. We also tried the sauteed baby okra dish with sun dried tomatoes, which was light and fresh.

One of the more adventurous items on the menu we tried was a lamb dish crafted from organ meat. I’d like to preface this by saying I wouldn’t trust just any restaurant to serve me organ meat (the phrase alone makes me nervous), but considering how phenomenal the other parts of our meal were, I was willing to give it a go. Taxim’s owner, David Schneider, explained to us that he reserves the organ meat from very young lambs, to ensure that it won’t taste gamey. Surprisingly, I really liked this dish. It tasted almost exactly like how a kabob does, with a very similar texture, and it was extremely juicy and crispy on the edges.

As if that wasn’t enough food, we moved on to the entrees next and sampled from one another’s plates. I had the pleasure of trying the Kotópoulo sto foúrno (oven-roasted half chicken paired with fingerling potatoes), the Tsipoúra me radíkia (sea bass), and the Arní yuvetsáki me kritharáki (braised lamb shank). To say that all of them were excellent would be a large understatement. The chicken entree was beautifully plated, and was amazingly crispy on the outside with an eye-popping amount of flavor, bursting with juiciness underneath. The fingerling potatoes were seasoned to perfection, with hints of lemon and garlic. The sea bass, simply prepared with lemon juice, olive oil, and salt, melted in your mouth. This was definitely the favorite entree on the evening, although the lamb shank was equally delicious as well.

David filleted the sea bass for our table, and shared with us his personal story of how his recipes come from his family in Greece. The passion for his culture is obvious; he wants to share the Greek culture, and does so by offering diverse, regional cuisine from multiple different areas of Greece. The modern take on traditional recipes that are expertly prepared make this restaurant a truly unique neighborhood treasure. The bonus is that Taxim offers more halal options than ever before, and is also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

To end the meal, we somehow found room for dessert. The Loukoumades, fried balls of dough (reminiscent of a doughnut) drenched in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon, were unbelievably delicious without being overly sweet. Even though we ate more in one sitting than I typically do in a given week, I wasn’t overly stuffed. Each dish was very light–plus, I took it easy on the pita bead, which also deserves mentioning for being warm and fluffy.

I give Taxim five stars, and personally can’t wait to go back. It may be hard for me to stay away, considering I live in the neighborhood. Do yourself a favor and visit Taxim and experience a Greek adventure without ever leaving the city.

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Jul 22




You Had Me at Baba Ghanouj

OliveBecause Olive Mediterranean Grill (OMG) was one of the first places we reviewed for last year’s halal festival, I thought it would be fitting to do the same thing again for the 2014 Chicago Halal Festival. I recently stopped in Olive’s Lincoln Park location after a quick jog, and decided to grab a bite on my way home–and by “bite” I really mean large feast. Which, kind of negates the whole jogging thing, but you can’t win them all. OMG’s chicken shawarma alone is worth it every time. 

Over the past year, I’ve eaten at OMG more times than I can count, and for good reason. Their food is always fresh, always high quality, and always delicious. My friends and I frequent Olive for both lunch and dinner not only because they have awesome food, but because you can customize your portions (you don’t always have to get feast-like quantities like I tend to), and every option on the menu is fairly healthy. In case you don’t already know, you can get sandwiches, tapas-style side dishes, or larger-size platters. Because I was there for dinner, I opted for the platter, deemed the “OMG Plate.” For about $8, the OMG Plate is a fantastic value for your money. Choose a protein, salad, and spread, and you’re good to go. Keep in mind–you probably won’t be hungry for another 12 hours afterwards because the portions are very generous–but we’re not complaining.

I ordered the chicken shawarma, chick pea salad (which has a surprising amount of spice to it), hummus, and cous cous. These tend to be my “go-to” selections at Olive, but there are plenty of other options, such as: Persian yogurt, baba ghanouj, bastami rice, tabbouli salad, chicken kabobs, steak kabobs, steak shawarma, soup, falafel, etc. 

The atmosphere at Olive adds to the positive qualities of the restaurant. It’s modern, clean, casual, and sports a fun collage of art work on the walls that say fun things like, “You had me at Baba Ghanouj,” and “Nobody puts Kabob in the corner.” I have yet to visit Olive’s two other locations because they’re pretty far from where I live, but I would guess they have similar qualities. It’s also great knowing there are multiple locations around the city, giving Chicagoans that many more fast, healthy options. 

Olive is a great place to eat and and catch up with friends; their dining room is open and airy, letting in a lot of natural sunlight, which creates a very welcoming environment to spend some time and devour delicious Mediterranean fare. 

To read my OMG review from last year, click here.

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Aug 30




Quick Halal Lunch at Taza Cafe

Taza Cafe- Chicken Shawarma plataWith so many different restaurants to eat at in the Loop, it can be hard to make a decision on where to go, especially on your lunch hour, when you only have a limited amount of time. Taza Cafe, located in the West Loop, is the perfect solution to this problem. With quick in-and-out service, zabihah halal meat, affordable prices, and delicious food, Taza Cafe is a must try.

I visited Taza during their busy lunch hour. But instead of a long, frustrating wait, Taza ran as a well-oiled machine; moving people quickly through the line. As you watch your food being prepared, Taza uses an assembly-line style to put your order together, adding your requests as you move along toward the cashier.

I ordered the chicken shawarma plate, and opted to add a side of hummus and falafel for an extra dollar. What is that, the best deal ever? Taza’s pricing is very reasonable in general, plus, how can you say no to hummus and falafel for $1.00? I definitely couldn’t.

The chicken shawarma was delicious, juicy, and well-seasoned. Between the choice of dill rice and lentil rice, I chose the lentil, and thought it tasted fresh and flavorful. The hummus was also well seasoned and fresh, and was very tasty. The falafel was one of the best I’ve had, it was crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and had a little bit of kick to it, giving it great flavor. I was also able to sample the chicken and kifta kabobs, which were both delicious as well. The meat was juicy, packed full of flavor, and was hot off the grill.

Taza has tons of options for lunch or dinner and all of their meat is zabihah halal except for the turkey, which is not halal at all. Their menu is extensive, but offers the usual suspects like shawarma plates, kabobs, sandwiches, etc. I definitely recommend making a trip to Taza if you’re in the area for lunch, or even making a special trip out for dinner, Taza does not disappoint. With great service and fresh, delicious food, what’s not to love?

Taza Cafe will be participating in Chicago’s First Halal Festival on September 14th! Like Taza? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Aug 21




Fresh Halal Food at Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich at DawaliFresh, flavorful Mediterranean food sits in the heart of Lincoln Park at Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen. Located on Halsted and North Ave., Dawali serves all of your favorite halal Mediterranean dishes at affordable prices. As somewhat of a hidden gem, you may walk right past it on the street if you’re not looking closely enough (I did) but as soon as you dig in, you’ll be back for more.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is casual, but still has somewhat of an upscale vibe. Hung from the ceiling are brightly colored Middle-Eastern style lanterns and the walls are decorated with artwork and ornate pottery pieces. I also noticed there was a very fun, friendly vibe pervading throughout due to the high volume of customers, creating a positive dining experience.

Hummus at Dawali MediterraneanI ordered hummus as an appetizer and a chicken shawarma sandwich with Dawali’s homemade french fries as my meal. The hummus has a very unique presentation, almost making you not want to ruin how cool it looks. However, with lots of spices, seasoning, and olive oil to mix in, you can’t resist its deliciousness. Served with warm pita bread, I thought it was a homerun, but I still can’t figure out how they got it to look so cool. The chicken shawarma sandwich was also very tasty, the chicken had good flavor, and every ingredient was noticeably fresh. Also, I thought that the portion size was perfect–not too small, but not too gigantic–like some shawarma sandwiches can be. The only thing I wished for was a little bit more chicken in the mix.

The real conversation starter here, however, is Dawali’s homemade fries. I’m going to go ahead and make a bold statement and say that they may have been some of the best fries I’ve ever tasted. They were flawlessly crispy, seasoned to perfection, and came with a very tangy and unique dipping sauce. I couldn’t stop eating them. These fries are a must order when you visit Dawali, you won’t regret it. I also found it interesting that a Mediterranean restaurant could make better french fries than most traditional American places can. Not that french fries will ever be healthy for you, but it just goes to show how much better everything is when it’s fresh. Which is just what Dawali’s food is, fresh and delicious. In addition to friendly service and great prices, you won’t find a better valued meal in the area, plus it’s halal! Definitely stop by if you’re seeing a show at the Steppenwolf ( it’s right across the street) or are in the general vicinity.

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Aug 17




Zabihah Halal Indian Food at Baba’s Village

Chicken Tikka at Babas VillageAcross the street from Union Station in Chicago’s West Loop is a small, zabihah halal Indian/Pakistani restaurant called Baba’s Village. Although it doesn’t look like much, it’s a great place for some fast and delicious Indian food. The environment is casual and the service is fast. However, the food quality does not suffer for it. With big portions and reasonable prices, this is a great lunch or dinner option for all those commuters going to and from the train station.

I sought out Baba’s Village simply because I kept walking past their bright yellow ad near the corner of Clinton and Jackson that says something along the lines of, “Baba’s Village. Right around the corner!” So naturally, I looked up the reviews on Yelp.com and found out that not only does their food have a good reputation, but it’s also zabihah halal. Double win.

garlic naan at babas villageI only recently tried Indian food for the first time, therefore I’m still a little bit timid with what I order, but so far I’m loving the Indian flavor palette. When I visited Baba’s Village, I ordered a Chicken Tikka plate, garlic naan, and also indulged in a veggie samosa. All were delicious. The chicken was hot and fresh, but wasn’t too spicy (thankfully!), the garlic naan was of epic proportions and to my delight, had fresh garlic pieces on it. The veggie samosa–also delicious–was the spiciest part of my meal, surprisingly.

I definitely recommend trying Baba’s Village if you’re in the area and are looking to eat something substantial (and halal, of course), but not something that’s going to take an hour. They also have a large outdoor patio which is far enough away from the street that it’s not intrusive to your meal.

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Aug 15




Brooklyn Halal Pizza

BrooklynHalal PizzaNew-York style pizza in Chicago? That’s right. Located in Chicago’s Southwest suburbs is the Brooklyn Halal Grilled Chicken and Pizza restaurant, who serve both pizza and Mediterranean food. Sounds like a strange combination of things, but it works well. The best part is, all of their meat is halal (the chicken is their only truly zabihah halal meat, however).

In a city whose reputation is partly built around the quality of their pizza, Brooklyn Halal boldly serves New-York style pizza instead of the city’s own, Chicago-style deep dish. However, this makes them stand out from the crowd. There aren’t too many places around Chicago where you can find New-York style pizza, which makes them somewhat of a novelty, especially in the suburbs.

But what does New-York style pizza mean exactly? I’m sure New Yorkers would have a lot more to say about this topic, but at Brooklyn Halal, it means their pizza slices are fairly big and thin crusted. Personally, I love deep dish pizza. However, I’m not always in the mood for a massive, messy, and extremely filling meal. That’s the beauty of New-York style pizza–it’s quick and easy to eat–sans fork and knife.

When I visited Brooklyn Halal, I took advantage of their 2 for 5 deal, which gives you two slices of pizza (veggie, meat, or cheese) and a can of pop for a mere $5.00. Does a deal like that even exist in the city? I challenge anyone to find it. I don’t love many things about the suburbs, but I do love how everything is cheaper. Bonus: they’re open until 1 AM Monday through Saturday.

Furthermore, they offer other great deals. You can get a 14-inch pizza for $5.00, a half chicken with rice or fries for $5.00, and 8 buffalo wings with fries for–yes you guessed it–$5.00. Is this real life?

I thought Brooklyn Halal’s pizza was delicious, and I’m eager to go back and try other items from their menu. If you live in the Southwest burbs, or nearby, I definitely recommend making the trip over to the corner of Harlem and Southwest Highway. There’s also a Middle Eastern grocery store directly adjacent that’s worth checking out as well.

If you’d like to see Brooklyn Halal at Chicago’s First Halal Festival next month, let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Aug 11




Zabihah Halal at Zizi’s Cafe

Zizi's Turkish Halal CafeLocated a midst the hustle and bustle of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood on Sheffield and Diversey is a small, family-owned Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant, Zizi’s Cafe. Serving both Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, Zizi’s has a wide variety of options, especially for those who looking for a zabihah halal establishment in the area. All the meat served at Zizi’s is zabihah, except for the sole burger item on the menu, which is not halal at all. With meat-based entrees, veggie platters, sandwiches, wraps, pides, lahmacuns, and salads, there are plenty of options for both vegetarians and meat eaters during lunch or dinner hours.

Because everything is made fresh on-site, the high-quality of Zizi’s food is immediately noticeable. You can even watch your food being made behind the counter through a transparent-window. Accommodating to those who want to either dine-in or order for pickup/delivery, Zizi’s does most of their business with the takeout crowd. I can imagine this is probably due to the general lack of ambiance that’s missing inside of the restaurant, as it is on the plain side. However, it’s quite spacious–and there is also plenty of outdoor seating as well–my personal fave at any restaurant.

I ordered the combo platter, another favorite of mine. I enjoy sampling a lot of different things off the menu in order to get a better gage of what a restaurant’s food is like. The platter I ordered from Zizi’s came with Kofte, lamb, chicken, and salmon. All the meat tasted juicy and fresh, as did the rice (which was fresh, not juicy). The falafel were moist and somewhat spicy, also very tasty. I also enjoyed the creamy yogurt-carrot dip that they serve before your food comes to the table, complemented by homemade bread. The carrot dip was something I had never even heard of before, but was surprisingly delicious.

I recommend giving Zizi’s a try if you’re in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area, and are looking for a decent zabihah halal place. It sits around the corner from the Diversey Brown Line stop, making it easily accessible. Prices are decent, depending on what you order. Obviously, entrees and platters are priced higher than sandwiches or wraps. Zizi’s also has delicious pides, which is another new favorite of mine (truth be told, I just love anything with cheese on it). So if you’re in the mood for Turkish or Mediterranean, definitely check Zizi’s Cafe out.

Ever eaten at Zizi’s? Talk to us on Facebook or Twitter! Or if you’re interested in seeing Zizi’s Cafe at Chicago’s First Halal Food Festival coming up this September, let us know!

Aug 01




Turkish Zabihah Halal Pizza

Chicken and Cheese Pide at Pide ve LahmacunHidden almost directly underneath the Irving Park Brown Line stop in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, is a small Turkish cafe and restaurant, Pide ve Lahmacun. Although it’s somewhat hard to spot at first, there are many reasons why you should seek it out. First and foremost, everything is zabihah halal. Secondly, their specialty is Turkish pizza. Or rather, pizza-like items called Pides and Lahmacuns prepared with homemade crust.

The menu describes a Lahmacun to have very thin crust, topped with spiced minced-meat, onions, and green & red peppers. A Pide is described as an open-top calzone filled with your choice of meat and cheese, with the option to top with a fried egg. There are a variety of meats that you can fill your Pide with (all zabihah halal) including beef, lamb, Turkish beef-pepperoni, chicken, and beef-pastrami. There are also some vegetarian options as well, for example you can order a feta cheese, spinach, and tomato Pide, which frankly just sounds delicious to me.

I ordered the chicken and cheese Pide that comes with tomatoes and green peppers, however I only got a half-order. The full order is large enough to feed a family of five–Google it if you’re not sure what they look like–they’re massive. At any rate, my half Pide was absolutely delicious. The homemade crust was light, flaky, and buttery. It came fresh out of the oven–and the cheese was everything you want it to be–hot, gooey, and flavorful. The combination of the two together is an experience you should not miss out on.

If I haven’t persuaded you yet on what to order when you stop by, the staff are more than happy to help you figure out something you’ll be happy with. They also have paninis, soups, salads, small appetizers like falafel and samosas, and larger entrees with meat and rice combos. In addition to lunch and dinner items, they serve breakfast food as well; mainly egg-related things that come with Turkish tea. I definitely want to stop by again to try their tea and coffee, perhaps even for a pastry with Salep (hot Turkish milk drink), which sounds intriguing.

Because of its small size, Pide ve Lahmacun only has a handful of tables, but its location right underneath the Brown Line indicates it’s best left for quick stops and to-go orders. However, if you do decide to dine in like I did, you’ll still be plenty comfortable. With high-quality, freshly prepared zabihah food, what’s not to love? As a pizza lover (even though it’s not technically pizza), I personally can’t wait to go back and try the Lahmacun. If you want to see Pide ve Lahmacun at Chicago’s First Halal Festival coming up this September, don’t be shy! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Jul 31




Hot and Fresh Zabihah Halal at Ameer Kabob

Zabihah Halal at Ameer KabobOut of the various Mediterranean restaurants in the Bucktown/Wicker Park/Noble Square area, one of the lesser knowns is Ameer Kabob. Located near the highway on Milwaukee Ave., Ameer Kabob is a small, casual, and affordable place with delicious zabihah halal food to boot. I recently checked out Ameer Kabob to see how its food stacked up against the competition, and I was definitely not disappointed.

I ordered the “Combination Feast.” The name itself tells you that you’re in for a rather hefty meal, but I was feeling up to the challenge. The “feast” comes with portions of beef kabob, kefta kabob, and chicken kabob (all the meat on the menu at Ameer is zabihah halal). The meat was prepared fresh to order, tasting juicy, tender, and flavorful. The platter was accompanied by a generous helping of freshly cooked rice, in addition to a grilled tomato and green pepper. I’m a huge fan of the grilled tomato side at Mediterranean restaurants in general, and Ameer’s were top notch. In fact, everything tasted so high-quality that I was surprised I was eating at such an affordable place. Entrees range from $8.00-$15.00, depending on what you order, and sandwiches range from $4.00-5.00. The pricing spectrum is accommodating for everyone’s budget, and with such fresh, delicious food it’s quite a bargain for a quick lunch or dinner out with friends.

I also ordered a side of hummus and falafel to complement my entree–because what would a Mediterranean meal be without them? And I must say, the hummus at Ameer definitely stacks up well against the competition. It was seasoned well and had the right amount of olive oil to mix in. The pita bread was quite noteworthy; particularly because it was piping hot! I picked up a piece and had to put it right back down because it was seconds out of the oven–which I highly appreciated because it’s kind of rare when pita bread is that warm–and it made the hummus that much more enjoyable. The falafel also tasted freshly cooked, and came with a dipping cup full of tahini sauce–thank you–don’t mind if I do.

Although the decor is simple, the atmosphere is pleasant and the food is absolutely delicious. With affordable prices and a completely zabihah halal menu to top it all off, Ameer Kabob should be at the top of your list, even if its just ordering for delivery. It seemed like they were getting more business from takeout orders than walk-ins, with an overwhelming amount of orders piled high on the counter ready for delivery. Ameer has a few different delivery specials, so that may have been one reason why. Ordering two entrees gets you free hummus or baba ghanouj, and spending $25.00 or more, gets you six free pieces of falafel. Sold.

I would definitely recommend dining in, however, so you can experience it hot and fresh. Plus, if you think you’ll be craving something a little extra after your meal, Ameer also makes homemade baklava and chocolate cake.  Want to see Ameer Kabob at Chicago’s First Halal Festival happening this September? Be sure to tell us on Facebook or Twitter!